Felix the squirrel

We created an experiential website for Felix (Intersnack), a leading Polish nut brand.

The website was centered around Felix's brand hero - a squirrel (no surprises here), so a lot of work went into creating a 3d model and animations (120 seconds in total). This is when I learned that rendering fur is not trivial.

We've also created a feature that unlocked bonus content after showing the squirrel a Felix product to the webcam.
My role: creative, producer / date: 2012


Client: Intesnack
Agency: Max Weber / Y&R
Creatives: Marcin Talarek, Jacek Karaszewski
Producer: Jacek Karaszewski
Webdesign: Paweł Rębisz
Flash programming: Arek Matłosz
3d & animation: Platige Image
Music & SFX: Efektura
Additional credits: Wojtek Michalak, Katarzyna Szymańska, Paulina Sulima
URL: www.wiewiorkafelix.pl