404 pages / Itaka Centre for Missing People

Itaka Centre is the only NGO in Poland focused on finding missing people.

Itaka approached us with a brief for a fundraising campaign, but didn’t have a large media budget. We came up with the idea of using 404 pages (Page not Found) to show photos of currently missing people.

Because 404 pages are normally not used commercially, we were able to involve the largest Polish portals (Onet.pl, Gazeta.pl), map website (Zumi), search engine (Netsprint), entertainment websites (Demotywatory) and many more.

My role: producer / date: 2012


"Page not found... but if you'll help us, we will find Eve, Matthew, Michael, Caroline, Aldona, Peter... and many others. Find out how you can help us at 1procent.zaginieni.pl. ITAKA Centre for Missing People."


Client: Itaka Centre for Missing People
Agency: Max Weber / Y&R

Creative:  Marcin Talarek
Producer: Jacek Karaszewski
Search planner: Katarzyna Szymańska